Boats on the Amble

How it all Started: Local artist and parish councillor Judy Hill came up with the idea of hosting an annual arts festival in the picturesque coastal village of Alnmouth back in 2005. Since then, there have been 15 two-day events.

Over the years, the festival has grown and by 2019 it had become one of the largest events in the village’s annual calendar with over 60 artists, craftspeople and designers exhibiting works across the village. That year, there were over 20 private and public venues, ranging from the Hindmarsh Hall to a garden shed. Previous attractions have included a pop-up cinema, numerous musicians and buskers, as well as children’s workshops.

Community Involvement: Many villagers take part each year by offering space for exhibitors to display and sell their work. Others sell guidebooks, provide refreshments and help to ensure the smooth-running of this bustling weekend of arts and activities.

Covid Blip: Only a global pandemic could put a temporary stop to this vibrant festival, which returns once more on Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th June 2022. With the exception of facemasks and sanitizing gels in all indoor venues, the 2022 Alnmouth Arts Festival aims to be just as it was before; an enjoyable and stimulating weekend celebrating the creativity of people from across our diverse region in one of its most beautiful locations

Artists & Creatives: The Arts Festival Committee has invited a host of Northumberland-based artists and creators, from the Tyne to the Tweed, to exhibit this year. Once again the village looks forward to welcoming the crowds of art and craft-loving visitors with money to spend on what delights their eyes the most.

Shuttle Bus: Visitors will be able to park just outside Alnmouth, in the car park beside Hipsburn Primary School. From there it’s a short walk across the Duchess Bridge into the village. However, if you need help to get up to the top of Shepherd’s Hill, there will be a regular shuttle bus which drops off and picks up at a stop next to the War Memorial roundabout.

Guidebook & Venue Map: Visitors can buy a Guidebook from several kiosks sited around the village. This contains information about events, the exhibitors and their artworks, as well as a Map of the Venues.

Help and Information: Throughout the weekend, there will be plenty of volunteers around to offer help and information and to ensure the safety and security of everyone.